I recently took a trip to Newcastle city to marvel at the ingenuity and the feel of magic displayed at Fenwick (one of the largest luxury department stores in the UK). Each year from November until January, Fenwick displays its window in a themed way which is usually kept a secret until the reveal date. It’s one of the largest displays in Europe; its first display dates back to 1971 (over 40 years  ago) and ever  since it has become a special yearly tradition in Newcastle city.

As I was approaching Fenwick which is located on Northumberland street, I noticed a big crowd of all ages queuing to see the ‘magic’!

This year the Fenwick window was displaying ‘Once upon a Christmas’; a story of one snowy Christmas Eve when Santa’s sleigh crashes onto the roof of Fenwick, close to many Newcastle city and Gateshead landmarks. Viewed as if from a bedroom window, words along the bottom of the display, animated 3D characters and a magical sound track reveal how the big boss is rescued by his elves, saving Christmas.

Unfortunately some pictures are missing, it was daytime and I had to battle with small children & families to take the pics😂😂….However, I have attached a short YouTube clip showcasing this year’s launch.


Studio_20151225_021521 FENWICK NEWCASTLE'S WINDOW


Studio_20151225_021830 FENWICK NEWCASTLE'S WINDOW

Newcastle Castle  on the right hand side.  Studio_20151225_022201 FENWICK NEWCASTLE'S WINDOW

On the left hand side is the Grey’s Monument

Studio_20151225_022236 FENWICK NEWCASTLE'S WINDOW

The elves are worried, something is wrong!

Studio_20151225_022306 FENWICK NEWCASTLE'S WINDOW

Santa is stuck in the chimney!…I just laughed when I saw this one.  (watch the clip below)

Studio_20151225_020828 FENWICK NEWCASTLE'S WINDOW

Santa is eventually saved hence saving Christmas 😊

My final thoughts: If you are ever in Newcastle during Christmas time, head down to Northumberland street, it’s a must see and worth your time. Each year a new theme is displayed. It will get you into the Christmas mood and have you thinking of putting up decorations in no time! You can also attend the launch of the theme usually in November; more details can be found in Fenwick’s Website

Below is the short YouTube video (about three and half minutes) showing this year’s launch…Enjoy!