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Well, a little bit about me….

My name is Sylvia Wanjiku also known as Sly by my peers. I’m the founder and blogger behind the Kenya travel blog  (http://www.slyglobetrotting.com). I am a lover of world-class adventures, fine dining, marketer by profession, MBA Holder and passionate about rhino & elephant conservation.Profile-photo ABOUT SYLVIA

Photography by Antony Trivet

In this travel blog, I share my current and past travel adventures. It includes topics such detailed luxury hotel & restaurant reviews,  as well as my solo travel adventures & my general travel tricks 🙂

Hopefully, I make you consider taking a trip, if you have never done this kind of thing before. Trust me, it is worth whatever sacrifice you may have to make.

I will be publishing new articles at least twice a week. I will be happy to hear from you, please leave comment on the post what you think. Well, enjoy and thank you for sharing my journey with me!

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Sylvia Wanjiku